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Treachery at Thebes: I am the Great Horse, #2

Length: 80 pages59 minutes


In this second episode of Katherine Roberts’ epic novel ‘I am the Great Horse’, you’ll discover how Alexander becomes king after his father King Philip is assassinated.

Join Alexander and his friends as they battle the powerful cities of Athens and Thebes, and be treated to a horse’s eye view of a sinister plot to destroy the young king before he has a chance to sit on the throne. Can Alexander succeed where his father failed, and persuade the Greeks to follow him across the Hellespont into Persia? And what happens when he discovers the only groom in his army who can handle Bucephalas is a girl?

This book includes a bonus story by Apollo, the mount of Alexander’s friend Perdiccas, who volunteers for a dangerous mission at the rebel city of Thebes.

Easily digestible, with bite-sized historical facts at the end of each chapter, this short ebook would make a good introduction to the full-length novel, a fun study aid for history students, or part of a series to collect in its own right.

Want to know more? Ride with Alexander the Great as his warhorse Bucephalas and the brave horses who fought at his side guide you through history, hoofprint by hoofprint!

1. Prince of Macedonia
2. Treachery at Thebes
3. Armour of Achilles
4. Blood of Amazons
5. Son of Zeus
6. King of Persia
7. Demon of Persepolis
8. Betrayal in Bactria
9. Princess of Soghdiana
10. River of Hades

The original novel (first published in hardcover by Scholastic US, and in paperback by Chicken House UK) is also available as ‘I am the Great Horse: Alexander the Great from the horse’s mouth’.

“This is a wild, surging, enormously readable narrative… Bucephalas joins Anna Sewell’s Black Beauty and Richard Adams’ Traveller as one of the great equine storytellers.” Books for Keeps (5 star review).

“Unique and brilliant!” Dr Ian Mortimer (author of the Time Traveller’s Guides).

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