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Crystal Cove: Catchking Kenzie

Length: 82 pages1 hour


The town of Crystal Cove is a unique town tucked high in the mountains where morals and values from years gone by are not only recognized, but also enforced. The town operated on the notion that males are the head of the family and should utilize domestic discipline to maintain a strong marriage.
Crystal Cove holds the same idyllic small-town charm from years gone by, embracing the practice of domestic discipline. Deep inside town limits you will learn of the unconventional practices that occur within the town limits. The very secret that keeps Crystal Cove innocent of the worries that plague the generations of today, is the cornerstone of Crystal Coves laws and rules.
Makenzie Armstrong has always been a runner, finding problems far easier to deal with when you just run away. Makenzie grew up in Crystal Cove, defying nearly every rule set out for her and always running off at the first sign of trouble. It was no wonder that she ran from Crystal Cove, heading to New York City as soon as she received her diploma, running from her boyfriend, Derrick Ashcroft, when she can’t handle the prospect of being a Crystal Cove wife. Five years later, Kenzie is restless and lonely, she returns to Crystal Cove believing her lack of family in the big city is the reason she feels a huge void in her life.
The laws and rules in Crystal Cove are stricter than other towns, focusing on domestic discipline and marital harmony. When Kenzie and her ex, Derrick, find themselves in a compromising situation, they both agree to marry to avoid any scandal. Kenzie is certain she can convince Derrick that she does not need or want any of his punishments. Can Derrick and Kenzie resolve their differences? Will Kenzie accept the laws of Crystal Cove and the rules of her new husband? When faced with an issue, Kenzie does the only things she know how, she runs. Is their marriage destined to failure or can Derrick and Kenzie resolve their issues?
This story is for adults only and contains domestic discipline and the spanking of an adult woman.

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