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Sweetest Taboo - Two Tales of Forbidden Passion

Length: 47 pages39 minutes


Why do we find forbidden love so alluring?  Why can't we control who we fall in love with?  And why does forbidden love bring out such raw passion in us?

This collection consists of 2 erotic short stories by Raquel Rogue and Cheri Verset.  The subject matter is pushing the forbidden, taboo love limits, exploring passion so forbidden it can't be mentioned here.

For a list of titles included, please click on the cover above.  You'll be better able to see the titles and subject matter of each, as well as read a sample.

This 9700 word two short-story collection is pure multi-partner erotica hotness, and includes a hyperlinked and clickable Table of Contents to quickly take you to the story of your choice..

* * * Only for 18+ adults * * *

About the Author:
Raquel Rogue has a passion for erotic writing, her pet Yorkie, and stilettos.  Not necessarily in that order.  She can't get her fertile mind off the tawdry, taboo side of life, so writes stories so wet, wild, and wicked, it'll curl your toes. 

Cheri Verset has been writing erotica as a means to indulge her most secret fantasies for a number of years. She has come to believe that sharing those stories could only enhance her own intimate experiences.

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