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Into the Light Boldly . . . an Odyssey of Self-Discovery

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An unorthodox and controversial slap to the face of the status quo, Into the Light Boldly … an odyssey of self-discovery, an audacious new novel by Amazon Best Selling Author, Val Edward Simone, is a shockingly frank, honest, and daring undertaking regarding death and dying — a most frightening subject.
Mr. Simone’s fearless assault on the standards of established philosophy, religion, and storytelling rushes the reader along on a breathtakingly wild ride into the spiritual world never before explored in this way.
It’s a bareback dash on galloping honesty, a crazy and bold space shot into the universal unknown, a valiant and carefree dance with the devil into the realms of the spirit on its way toward an eccentric understanding of what might be waiting for us on the other side of this life — the mysterious world of life after life. Meld with the mind of a master storyteller and delve into a new view of an age-old terror.
The paradigm is shifting. There’s a new order of thought regarding our place in the hereafter.
Will you be one of those unafraid to explore this new thinking?
Will you be one of those unafraid to step into the light boldly?

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