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Dump Your Diabetes: Get Control With Practical Advice That Actually Works

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Is your diabetes treating you like a bad boyfriend would? Put your foot down now and get control! In today’s world, it is all too common to feel hopeless and drained by an endless effort trying to manage diabetes. Terren found herself in this same predicament. After being unsuccessful at controlling her type 1 diabetes and reaching a goal HgA1C for over twenty five years, she knew something had to change. A shift occurred when she took her diabetes into her own hands and tried strategies beyond blood sugar testing and insulin injections. Terren created a transformation and found new energy and vibrant health. In this book, she shares candid advice and new strategies for those whom find the current medical system too broken to help them any further. Instead of relying only on pills, injections, and doctor appointments, she focuses on total physical and spiritual wellness. The steps outlined in this book will bring you lasting results. She addresses issues such as motivation, food myths, sugar detox, social settings and family members, and much more. No more fad diets, quick fixes, or hopeless struggles. Your time to heal is now. Get started today with Terren’s new approach to managing diabetes.

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