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(2 BOOK BUNDLE) Last Chance to Love: 2 & 3

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Allie McLaren is a workaholic who resists having fun during her off time. That is until she gets the worst news of her life. Determined to live life to the fullest, Allie decides to rekindle past flames. Fanning the flames of the past is fun for Allie until she meets someone unexpected. Allie finds herself falling in love as each day inches her closer to her possible demise. Follow Allie’s incredible journey as she makes up for lost time and partakes in the love affairs she never let herself have.

Sample Of What’s Inside!

Allie woke up over twelve hours later, not that she had any concept of time. The only thing she was aware of was the fact that it was dark, whether that indicated, evening, middle of the night or early morning, she had no clue. As her eyes drifted open, she automatically turned expecting to find a comforting, warm body next to her. However, the security of Reece’s form, something that had become a mainstay over the previous days was no longer present. Her hand slipped out over the mattress, feeling the sheet for any trace of warmth and found it. He obviously hadn’t been gone long.
Pushing the sheets off her, Allie slid off the bed. Completely naked, she wandered across the bedroom to the bathroom door. It stood ajar and she gave it a little nudge. As the door swung wider, she listened to the complete silence and already knew that Reece was not inside. Turning away from the bathroom, she retraced her steps, stopping by the side of the bed to pick up a large towel she’d dropped there after their shower. Feeling a little chilly, she wrapped the fabric around her, tucking it on itself to keep it up.
Unhurriedly, she exited the bedroom and strolled through to the kitchen, she didn’t find him there. But the open plan living space afforded her a view of the back of his head. He was sitting on the couch, in the dark. “Hey,” she called, smiling.

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