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Cut N' Curl (Introducing Juju Wright from The Rumble Series, #1)

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Welcome to Cut N’ Curl, wher- . . . Um, excuse me Rayven, but you doing the most right now! It’s bad enough my name ain’t on the damn cover. I got this. Well, hello there boys and girls, this is Juju. First off, I want to thank all of you for convincing Rayven to write my autobiography. Well, I guess it isn’t quite an autobiography, since I have to share the spotlight with Janea, Angelle and Kabo, but I’ll take it. As you all know, I’m the new owner of Cut N’ Curl, where you can get yo’ hair fried, dyed, and laid to the side. Of course, just like any other salon with a multitude of personalities, we have our occasional drama—as you shall read, but there ain’t a jealous b@*&h out there who can hold a candle to me when it comes to doing hair. So, sit back, grab you a glass of Moscato, as I share my world. Smooches!

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