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The Headless Chicken Conspiracy Episode 1: Aliens & Anoraks: The Headless Chicken Conspiracy, #1

50 pages40 minutes


In the small village of Morningside things are never what they seem. Bub, the landlord of the local pub 'The Headless Chicken' is up to no good and striking deals with aliens from a far off world called Altare. Bill Campbell is itching to get out of the mental institution with his axe Matilda to get revenge for his daughter. That leaves our heroes Arnold Amell and Jim Star. All they want to do is enjoy the boxing match on the television. Destiny or just plain bad luck wont let them do that. This is the first part of 'The Headless Chicken Conspiracy' Full of crazy people, weird goings on and aliens from another world this this is perhaps one of the stranger tales ever told.

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