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No Ordinary Job

227 pages4 hours


For fans of Dean Koontz and the Remy Chandler series by Thomas E. Sniegoski.

Mayan Prophecy has 2012 as the year of the end of the world. If you had asked private investigator Jaycee Connolly if she believed in prophecies last year she would have laughed in your face. That was until a demon walked into her office and offered her a million dollars just for trying to find the Countess Elizabeth Bathory, an escapee from Hell. He's quick to reassure her it's just a job like any other she's done before. There's just one thing he left out of the story, or so she's told by an angel, if Jaycee doesn't find the Countess and send her back then the gates of Hell will open allowing evil to run roughshod over the unsuspecting. So this isn’t like any other job she's been offered before.
Saddled with a demon guardian who looks more likely to slow her down than protect her Jaycee crosses the globe to hunt down the Countess and send her back where she belongs and prevent the gates of Hell from opening and a prophecy from being fulfilled.

This is a full length novel at 68,851 words

Warning R rating due to the foul-mouthed Jaycee and graphic sexual violence committed by the Countess

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