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The New IT Leader

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Here’s a simple question: what makes a great technology manager? It’s a deceivingly simple question. The challenges faced by IT managers today driven by an explosive integration of technology into society makes this very difficult to answer.

Really, it all comes down to two fundamental principles:
• Having a good working relationship with the people you serve (your customer)
• Consistently deliver a quality, reliable product


Don’t let the complexities of technology keep you from being successful as a technology leader. The frustration felt by business leaders about technology organizations is usually rooted in the inability to deliver a service they expected.

The mechanics to be successful as a technology leader and meet the demands of the business is complicated and intertwined. Technology just makes the problem more opaque.

Fortunately, all it takes is a disciplined approach to management to be successful in addressing the aforementioned principles. The New IT Leader lays out how to build a management framework that any technology leader can employ. Customers will feel more comfortable in your ability to deliver essential services needed to maintain critical business functions.

And in the process, you’ll build a high-performing, efficient, and effective technology team!

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