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Until There Was You

263 pages2 hours


Secrets and lies

Rickie Taylor has just learned a devastating secret about her family's wealth. It's tainted because of what her grandfather did. Not only that, he may still be aliveand in hiding.

Jordan Browning, ex-Navy SEAL, is keeping a secret about his own pastand living a lie. He's not the minister he pretends to be. When Rickie learns that "Reverend" Browning's work sometimes takes him into the Paraguayan Chacothe very place her grandfather is said to beshe asks him to search for the old man. But she can't tell Jordan who he really is or why she wants him found.

Falling in love is a complication neither Jordan nor Rickie can afford. Yet it happens. And it changes both of them. For the first time, the future means more than the past .

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