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Guarding Camille

384 pages3 hours


Jake Maitland, FBI agent and black sheep of the Maitland clan, had finally come home. And he had a whole lot of trouble on his tail....

Camille Eckart was Jake's latest assignment. He'd been chosen as her protector, to keep her and her newborn son safe from her mobster ex-husband. Only, little did Jake guess that Camille's main objective was to make him see her not as a case, but as a woman....

Jake's reputation as a loner had taken on legendary proportions--until Camille and little Jamie stole their way into his heart. But with kingpin Vince Eckart on the loose, Jake couldn't afford to get emotionally involved. Their lives depended on him. But as he spent time holed up with mother and son, he quickly discovered his life depended even more on them....

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