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Last Rights: The Unspoken Years

464 pages11 hours


When she died, Christine O'Gara left behind a fragile, fractured familyestranged, embittered and at odds over custody of her only child. But in time, they'll see that Christine's legacy is strong enough to finally give a young girl the father she deserves.

Cora, Christine's motherNo stranger to loss, she's desperate to do right by her daughter and she'll fight with everything she's got.

Lexie, Christine's daughterTorn between grief and rage at the thought of living with the man who abandoned them, she's planning revenge.

Alex, Christine's ex-husbandNever truly believed in his own worth or understood what Christine saw in him. He'd tried to return to her, but he'd been turned away. Only now can he come back and prove Christine right.

We can't choose our family.

We can learn to deserve the love we crave from them.

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