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A Wife in Waiting

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Everything comes to he who waits .

Josh Fereday, widowed and wary, has decided that she isn't marriage material. But now that her twin sister, Belvia, is happily wedded, Josy must get on with her own life.

Dacre Banchereau is offering her an almost perfect solutiona place to stay and a job. But the catch is that Dacre is also proposing marriage the one thing that Josy feels she can never accept.

Dacre possesses a quality Josy hasn't encountered in a man before: patience. He's asked Josy to marry him and he's prepared to waiteither until she's ready to be his wife, or until he's made her fall in love with him .

Take a chance on Dacre, Josy!

The sequel to Jessica Steele's funny, touching story, The Sister Secret.

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