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The Deputy's Bride & Sitting Pretty: The Deputy's Bride\Sitting Pretty

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The Deputy's Bride
Arrested for love

Trouble with a capital Tthat's Ruby Treadwell! Heartbreak Ridge's wildest gal has deputy sheriff Cody Tucker ready to throw in his badge. Ruby's had enough of the local life and her overly protective brothers. So she's chosen the shy, sexy lawman to help her bust out of town! Cody's happy to help, since he doesn't want to fall prey to her sultry charms even if the only way is to whisk her off on a honeymoon!

Sitting Pretty
It could happen to you

Jayde Green is in one heck of a fix. After landing a job house-sitting for tycoon Bradford Hale, she should have been sitting pretty. Only, she hadn't expected having to tell her parents a tall tale just to keep her job. And she definitely hadn't intended to fall for her gorgeous employer! It couldn't get any worseuntil her family showed up to meet Brad, their new son-in-law !

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