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Many years ago Julill Mortag, mother of Jargo, went by another name, Swiftsword.

She was a fierce fearless fighter. She fought alongside those who fought for those who hadn’t the power to fight for themselves. She loved and was loved in return. But Swiftsword was a name she could only use at night; a name that set her free but freedom for some is short lived. For Julill comes from a world of duty and responsibility; a world in which those who should have the most power are the ones who are truly powerless.

Julill spurns this world and yearns for the freedom a life lived under the name Swiftsword would grant her, but there are dark forces watching over her – forces that have plans for her, have had plans for her since the day she was conceived. Swiftsword is not the name they have chosen for her.

Julill struggles to reach for the life she yearns for; the dark forces do their utmost to draw her away from it. Good forces strive to keep them back but in the battle of good versus evil it is not always certain that good will triumph.

Book five of the Free Land Chronicles details the life of Julill Mortag, mother of the infamous General Jargo Mortag, from her comfortable upbringing as the eldest daughter of good King Senovar and secretive night existence as Swiftsword, fearless fighter and lover of the gypsy mercenary Valorian, through to her downfall at the hands of weak-willed Lord Karlos Westfallen and eventual exile from her home and hasty marriage to Captain Kamen Mortag.

From wilful young girl to the mother of five children; from pampered princess to the wife of a farmer/soldier, Julill is not one to be beaten by life’s vast changes.

Her life is no longer what it was but there is still a smouldering fire within her, ambition to be more than she is. If she cannot be Swiftsword she will be something else. If she cannot be free then she will have power. And she will have vengeance.

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