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The Human Mind

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It is nice to learn from every scientific source how mysterious, complex, and incomprehensible the human mind is, who had discovered the action potential, when it had happened, in what particular university, and what everyone was doing that day when it happened. ...But what you really want to know is how your mind functions and how it affects you in every detail. You want to know exactly what happens in your mind when you watch the painting of Renoir with the beautiful woman wearing the white dress and playing the grand piano, compared to when you watch your white refrigerator by the sink. You want to know all biological details related to how a simple car on the road reminds you of your best friends, through what cognitive mechanisms it happens exactly, and even more, you want to know why it reminds you of your friends sometimes, while it reminds you of work other times, of rain, or of the martial art lessons you once took. You also want to know exactly how you are able to anticipate, to predict the displacement of a tennis ball for example, and hit it perfectly with your racket in an instant, giving it the exact speed, direction, and rotation necessary to score a point, and doing it long before your conscious mind even has the time to react and analyze the entire situation. How did your subconscious mind do it alone, much better, while the conscious mind is considered to be more advanced? What is the exact cognitive mechanism? This is what you want to know. You want to know exactly how your mind is able to store advanced mathematical problems and how it retrieves the adequate mathematical knowledge in order to perform very abstract operations. How does it happen? How exactly do you get ideas? What is the human creativity and how exactly does the human mind manifest it? What exactly makes your brain perform better or worse compared to those around? How do you perform abstract thinking in general? How do you imagine? How exactly does your mind generate plans and strategies related to important future events? How do you comprehend and enjoy scientific and non-scientific subjects as psychology, literature or music? How do you love? How does it all happen within your mind, brain and body? These are all casual cognitive activities, this is of interest, this is what you want to know, this is what you need in life, and without this, you cannot fully understand your mind, the human mind, and since your mind and reasoning integrate you in the world, you cannot understand the world in general, including yourself and your place and meaning in the world.
Throughout this book, we create a genuine model for the human mind, with its structure and abilities, development and connectivity, interactions and further meanings, all aimed at helping you develop and understand yourself, while enhancing your own cognitive abilities. If you want to understand the human mind in all its extraordinary abilities, this book is for you.

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