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Short Stories & Such

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Short Stories & Such is a tantalizing (if not terrifying) anthology of short stories, flash fiction and poetry combining popular titles by Janna Hill. Bonus: New releases including Savannah Dawn (Unconsecrated Visions) and Hemingway’s Beloved, which was originally published in the Horror Writer’s Poetry Showcase, Volume I, along with expanded versions of the original shorts. Following a four star review of Once Upon a Dead Gull one of Amazon's top 500 reviewers had this to say, "As Janna/Joe Hill notes in her final chapter, "Could you...would you dare to know me?" The vignettes in this collection all concern themselves with that border between life and death. This is the liminal state where souls confuse their place on that line. These are small stories , but strike that eerie part of our lives. Would you know yourself?"
Short Stories & Such includes the following titles:
Perpetual Darkness
Perpetual Spring
Door Number Four
From Once Upon a Dead Gull
*Roses From Ishmael
*Scary Man Bridge
*Odd Man Out
*Telephone Frenzy
*Would You Know Me
The Unsanctioned Biography of a Man Without Arms
They Always Come on Sunday
Savannah Dawn (Unconsecrated Visions)
Resident of Insanity
Skippy Red
Hemingway's Beloved
Request for Absolution

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