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Spiral of Firsts (College Days & Carnal Nights, #1)

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Joyce Venera would admit she had a pretty sweet life. She had both a father willing to pay her way and a promiscuous night-life most would kill for in the prime of her life. But just because she had it easy didn’t mean her friends did.

Her best friend, Raven Noels, worked a boring day job as a barista trying to make ends meet while maintaining a rivalry with the Latina bombshell Carmella, who managed to get ahead of her in both social and financial circumstances despite coming from the same upbringing and suffering from the same pain. She felt entitled to a good thing and believed she had found it in Dominic Santos.

Naturally Joyce was inclined to help her friend get the guy she was crushing on. There was only one little problem…she was already sleeping with him.

Tensions rise as she tries to help Raven connect with him while keeping her in the dark about their carnal nights. And what starts with entering his inner circle of friends ends with her finding herself in love for the first time and the pain that come with it.

College Days & Carnal Nights: Spiral of Firsts is the first of a brand new series in the New Adult Genre and follows the lives college students from different origins running through the motions of Love, Betrayals, and Misunderstandings.

Warning! This serial novel contains graphic sexual scenes and language only appropriate for readers 18 years or older. All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age.

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