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Just Before Dawn, a Janie Ferguson Novel

324 pages3 hours


Secret service agent Janie Ferguson is now living in Scotland with her accountant husband, Craig, and their small daughter, Cecelia. After surviving being shot on her last case, Janie is leery of the dangers imposed in the dual cases of murder and credit card fraud that have come across her desk. She and her agents strive to solve the murder mystery while investigating multiple incidents of credit card fraud that have rocked the economy in Scotland. While dealing with job pressures, family interference causes her relationship with Craig to wobble. And with little Cecelia watching everything, Janie feels backed up against the wall. Once again, Janie has to dig deep to do her precarious job in the agency and balance it with her personal life. When Craig gives her an ultimatum, the bad guys attack and her health is at risk, Janie takes a deep breath and does what she needs to do. But is it enough to spread oil on all the flaming parts of her exploding life?

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