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Humankind is evolving. Technology has advanced to the point where God is feeling obsolete and so He has become an alcoholic and is threatening to destroy the world.

An error in judgement leads to a cloning experiment that might just wipe out the world before God can do it Himself, reminding him again that He has become obsolete.

Depressed, confused, and vulnerable, God must make a decision. The ability to sway His decision rests on four people who do not know their role in His plan.

Pablo Benito, afflicted with an advanced case of OCD, fears death is waiting for him at every turn. Kyle Fredrick, a drummer for a wildly popular rap/metal band is a loose cannon, and has stabbed his lead singer in the eye with a plastic fork. Adam Brooks is a scientist, trying to develop a new way to travel, and minister Faldo is a champion of the Lord to his core.

Mankind will fall to it's knees if God cannot be swayed. Join the group in this twisted adventure of divine intervention, life, death, and the tragic humor that allows mankind to cope with all of it.

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