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Bane, She

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Spurned by a legendary bard, Eithne begs the King of the Selkies for a singing voice that would fill people with greatest emotion. But every gift comes with a price, one she would pay for generations to come. This haunting short story includes the bonus tale “...Of Human Sacrifice and Parents’ Tears.”

“Bane, She” originally appeared in Haunts, January 1996 (Issue 30) and was reprinted in Vermont Voices III, League of Vermont Writers, 2000. “...Of Human Sacrifice and Parents’ Tears” originally appeared in The Witching Hour, Silver Lake Publishing, 2001.

DAYLE A. DERMATIS has been called “one of the best writers working today” by USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith. Under various pseudonyms (and sometimes with coauthors), she’s sold several novels and more than 100 short stories in multiple genres. She lives and works in California within scent of the ocean, and in her spare time follows Styx around the country and travels the world, all of which inspires her writing. She loves music, cats, Wales, TV, magic, laughter, and defying expectations. To find out where she is today, check out her website.

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