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From Gabriel Grantham comes a Short-Story Series . . .

Jezebel reigned in Hell as Queen of the Succubi. Empowered by Lust, Jezebel was the Embodiment of Lust, Sex, The Lascivious, The Lustful, Ultimate Man Eater. Born a Demogorgon V-Class Succubus from Archangel Michael and a Daughter of Eve, Jezebel held Hell Lordship, and descended to take her place as a ruler of Demonic Realms, where Jezebel possessed the powers of a Dark Lord as a Demon Queen on par with the Seven Princes of Hell.

A seductive devil on an eternal journey for the fall of man into the sins of the flesh as she fed on the Souls of the fallen. With connections to powerful people in the criminal underworld, and as a powerful figure in organized crime, she took on a human disguise to blend in with society as Jezebel Jackson, a multimillionaire businesswoman from London, England living in Los Angeles, United States.

Lawless lands of Demons, the Abyss, shrouded under the eternal night of the deep places of the Earth, without Sunlight, Moonlight or Starlight, where Deals with the Devils, Demon Lords, Archdevils and Noble Demons were commonplace. Where Demons dwelt in serene darkness and dark mansions in the Demonic Paradise Cities of Diábolos, Iblīs, Ba‘al Zəbûb, Azâzêl, Ašmədʾāy, Šamdōn, Šidonʾāy, Ǎḇaddōn, Naamah, Apollyōn, Typhōn, Thánatos, Veles, Volos, Dis, Pandemonium, Vingólf, Vyriy, and Asphodel.

Wars were waged by Demogorgon Demons, the highest class and pinnacle of power, so strong their strength could devastate Earth. A Demogorgon Demon was strong enough to destroy hordes of Demons by themselves. They were transcendent Demons of Demonic nature with divinely powerful Devil Souls as their immense power and strength shattered the war zones of Hell, riven in twain as they waged nightmarish wars against each other, Demonic Energy focused into lasers, barriers, blasts. Demogorgons distorted dimensions as the Demonic Entities moved so fast they left thunder in their wake, their lightning-pace was surreal as afterimages blurred. Glorious Noble Demons, Demon Lords, Archdevils of Hell.

Elite and powerful Demons of godlike power, Demonic Entities of pure evil and unimaginable power to cause apocalyptic cataclysms, possessed powers beyond the comprehension of lesser Demonic creatures. Power to single-handedly crush the combined might of all Legions of Hell, and tear asunder the Heavens themselves, they were grounded to their own realms by ancient means, vulnerable only to holy artifacts and symbols, and limited by the existence of stronger entities as powerful as hypernovae, supernovae, supermassive black holes, and starquakes.

Demogorgons controlled Demonic Energy and Demonic Magic as they unleashed hellish mystical power, deep reservoirs of primordial darkness as they learned to harness the ancient darkness, forged and wielded Demonic Weaponry as they created powerful Demonic weapons specifically suited for the Hell Lords.

Auras of crushing pressure and electrifying energy fields, Demons were paralyzed by their presence, power great enough to shift continents and twist the very air around themselves to Force 12 Hurricane Winds, twisting F5 Tornadoes to touchdown, Category 5 Hurricanes to form as Mega Tsunami rushed ashore with huge waves, seas completely white with foam and spray. Air filled with driving spray. Earthquakes of total destruction collapsed all buildings, shaking extended to distant locations, objects thrown into the air as the ground moved in waves and ripples as landscapes altered, the routes of rivers changed, shattered the Earth as beyond catastrophic, cataclysmic, mega-colossal, VEI 8 Supervolcanic Apocalyptic eruptions with ejecta volume greater than 1,000 km3, 240 cu miles went off. Their arrival was Armageddon.
Divided into two types, V-Class and X-Class, V-Class were very rare and their strengths were unknown. X-Class was World Annihilation.

Jezebel was V-Class . . .

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