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Love Conquers All

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A young man responds to the needs of his country and leaves home to head for a training camp in the armed forces. Initially he is stationed only fifty miles from home, but it wasn't long before he ended up at the other end of the country. The unit was on the edge of a beautiful village, and it wasn't long before the new recruits got to know the local countryside and its residents. The shy young soldier found himself attracted to a girl from the village. The vagaries of war ensured that they would be separated, but they pledged that they would keep in contact whatever happened.
These were days when people had little control over their destiny, and they had to have faith that better times would emerge. But life could be cruel, and setbacks were always lurking around one corner or another. Willpower and tenacity were important assets when one had to play the hand they were dealt, as exemplified by this young couple. Even then, there were unexpected pitfalls. This wartime romance is a perfect example.

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