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Three Queens

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Having run south to Tunislaw and her distant cousin, King Rilathus, Farina awaits the arrival of the Dark Queen. Standing with her is Estar Darian, her most trusted captain and a man who embodies great physical strength; Oluna, a witch of unimaginable power; Rilathus, king, cousin and a man living an impossible existence; and Jareth, a man troubled by the knowledge that perhaps the greatest enemy the Free Land will face is his own mother.

Each stands waiting for the arrival of Julill and her army – an army that consists of werewolves, pureblood vampires eager to drink the blood of their enemies and scores of vengeful maddened women seeking revenge for the many evils done to them over the years. And hidden unseen amidst their ranks come the shadowlings; creatures of the Underworld, creatures hungry to feed on souls.

Confident that this army can defeat any foe Julill rides on determined.

But the elves are moving.

Queen Anya can no longer stand by and do nothing. A power has been woken within her; a power and a determination to fight the darkness infecting the Free Land. She rides to Tunislaw to assist Farina but will she make it in time?

A battle is about to be fought but this is a fight started by a woman and will only be stopped by another. But which one will face the Dark Queen on the field?

Farina, the golden-haired queen, has been taught well and is determined to prove herself worthy of her crown and protect her only child and heir. Anya has nothing to prove but feels the call of duty as does every elf. Whose destiny is it to cross swords with Julill in the Dance of Death and who will prove the victor?

Book eight of the Free Land Chronicles is a tale of three powerful queens and those who follow them. Each has strength on their side but it takes more than strength to win a fight. Otherworldly forces are at work and each woman has been marked by destiny. Whatever outcome they may wish for may not be the one they get. But each must walk the path they have chosen regardless of where it may lead, even if it leads to death.

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