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Saving Forever - Part 4

186 pages2 hours


When Dr. Elijah Bennet proposed to Charity, she said yes. There were doubts in the back of her mind but she understood one thing; she loved him and did not want to be without him. She believed they could handle any of reservations or unvertainties she felt inside.  The complicated relationship with her father seemed to be traveling down a road she never believed they would ever find. Could they really be making amends?  As life begins to come full circle, the things Charity has so longed for seem within her reach. A life within the walls of the medical world, a husband, a family including her father, are all no longer a fleeting dream.  Just as everything begins to turn into the childhood fairy tale she has always dreamt about, complications arise and Charity's hopes may be wrenched from her grasp.  How big do you dream? How much are you willing to risk for love?   This is NOT erotica* This is a love story and a romance. For mature readers only. There are sexual situations.

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