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Fatal Seance (The Fatal Series, #6)

151 pages3 hours


The carnival has rolled into Brinnon, Washington for the annual festival of autumn and it’s just the start of bringing challenges into the lives of Sheriff Dave Chandler and his wife, Sarah. From a mysterious young boy who smuggled himself along with the carnival trucks, to the crazed killers coming to take him back. How will they protect the boy and will the fortune told by the old gypsy woman given to Sarah, bring a terrible revelation. Sarah discovers a good change in her life, but will it be a problem for her and Dave and will they accept the boy into their lives. Lois brings out her Ouija board that spells trouble, will they heed the spirit’s warning? Dave calls for help from his FBI friend, Warren Stevens and they do their best to head off the killers before they get into town, ruining Halloween night for everyone. This is the sixth book of the Fatal Series.

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