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Andrei Chikatilo - Serial Killer Case File #5: True Crimes

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Andrei Chikatilo: Serial Killer Case File #5
From the True Crime research library of Matthias Jackman

Andrei Chikatilo
AKA: The Rostov Ripper / The Butcher of Rostov / Red Ripper
Country: RUSSIA (Rostov-on-don)
Victims: Convicted of 52 – confessed to 56
Victim type: Children and Women
Years Active: 1978 – 1992

An insightful case file report into one of serial killer land's ultimate necrosadist. Andrei Chikatilo was convicted of 52 murders although he confessed to 56, there could have been many more. The investigation into his killings was as botched as it was insightful.

"Sometimes, he would leave the pieces he ripped off the victims inside their mouths or ripped-open stomachs."

Discover all you need to know about Andrei Chikatilo in the 5th of the Serial Killer Case Files.

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