In the Arms Of An Angel

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In the Arms Of An Angel

Rating: 0 out of 5 stars0/5 ( ratings)
Length: 240 pages2 hours


Two lives hang in the balance, Two women convicted of murder. Only One may survive.
Zandria Adams, living in the present, is executed for murdering her cheating husband.
She meets a handsome angel.
He informs her that she’s  been given a second chance,to return to earth to live again.
1856  Selma is being hanged for murdering her cheating husband.
To her horror Zandria awakens in the eighteen hundreds just as a rope around her neck tightens and the floor falls away from her feet..
The angel Seth is sent down to earth as a human with no memory that he’s an angel, to help save one of them.

Editors Note:
Many characters in this book have accents and or different speech patterns. The author has attempted to illustrate this phonically. These are not spelling errors.

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