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Book 13- Streets Paved with Gold

Length: 17 pages15 minutes


This story is set among the Khoi Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert. The northern star is about to set when !Goab sets out on his mission. A drought has been ravaging his community for three years. The large herds of game on which the Bushmen depend for food have migrated away. There is no water left in the rivers. All night long the men of the clan danced around the fire and the women sang and clapped their hands until the shaman fell into a trance. When he awoke, he said that !Goab had been selected to undertake the mission. He must journey to the sacred hills to pray to the Gods to release the rain animal which had been imprisoned by the Lesser Spirit so that the bounty of the earth could be restored. The journey is long and filled with obstacles. He has to cross the salt lake where there is no food or water. Before reaching the salt lake, !Goab comes across a young Khoi Bushman girl dying of thirst and hunger. He is faced with the decision whether to save the girl and risk failing in his mission or to leave her to her fate.

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