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Bigfoot vs. Paul Bunyan

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Pine Cone Woods is a remote community outside of Yakima, Washington. When the residents of P.C.W. began to encounter Bigfoot, they were intrigued at first. After all, they were amazed to find out the legendary monster was real!

As the creature became more aggressive towards them, they began to search for ways to address their problem without drawing too much attention to their “off-the-grid” lifestyle. Seemingly there was only one person to help them. Of course their solution was a legendary logger who has long since left the spotlight who wasn’t interested leaving his self-imposed retirement from the public eye.

Can the residents of P.C.W. lure Paul Bunyan out of retirement in Bemidji, Minnesota to help them out? It’s going to take a lot of convincing and perhaps a little bit of luck. With the Bigfoot attacks increasing in intensity and frequency they really don’t have any time to spare in their quest to have Paul Bunyan take on Bigfoot!

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