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Fur the Record (Kat Purrowells Series, #2) - Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

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Kat Purrowells


Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

Skypirate Productions

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Jesse Kimmel-Freeman

Fur the Record

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About the Author



The day had started perfectly. I wasn't trying to save the San Fernando Valley. I wasn't even supposed to be at work. No, I was just going to spend the day relaxing before I had to go back in. We won't mention how I had to come back from my island vacation to be honored as a hero, or that it was at night so they could give Andrew a medal too. P.N.I. was firm on us going to our award ceremony.

Yes, I really do work for a place that never thought their acronym sounded damn familiar to the plural of male genitalia. I betcha expected me to say cocks. Well, ha! I didn't, so there.

Anyway, as I was saying, my day was supposed to be mine. Ever notice that things never go as planned?

I'm not sure how I went from being an occult anthropologist to being a special agent for an obscure branch of the government- no wait... I do know. It was the knowing that landed me right in the middle of all the crazy paranormal, supernatural crapola any girl could dream of. Being a witch and having studied vampire culture for four years also played a huge hand in it. Okay and maybe some weird aspect of my bloodline. Oh, and the fact that my partner, Agent John Black, and I are matched too. Damn, well, I guess kicking total ass on the last case didn't help keep me out of the limelight either.

You see, ever since I joined P.N.I., I've been their best field agent. It wasn't until recently that I also became one of the deadliest. Before that, I never got involved with the dangerous aspect of our jobs. Nope, I got the information they needed. It did not look like I'd be stepping back into that role any time soon.

Director James Harkins rang my phone at six in the morning sharp- like he waited for it to rollover kinda sharp.

Someone better be dead. I grumbled into the receiver not realizing who was calling.

Unfortunately... that is exactly why I'm calling you, Agent Purrowells. His voice was grim.

Excuse me, Harkins? My mind hadn't kicked in quite yet- probably due to my new found love for late nights with my delicious boyfriend, Andrew. He's a Master vampire that also works for P.N.I.

Yes, Purrowells. I need you to come down to the Warehouse base. Black is already en route. He told me.

What do you need me for if John's gonna be there? I stifled a yawn.

The victim is Wüfsbane, Andrea. She was found by her assistant Steven. It would be bad enough if a pack leader was killed off, Purrowells, but she's just the first. Three other calls came in. I need my best team on this. It wasn't flattery; Harkins was simply stating a fact.

Do I need to wake Andrew? I was a little worried about going down into his crypt while he slumbered, but I knew I could since it was where we ended up the night he let me stay at his house when mine burned to the ground.

No. Master Andrew can be brought down after sunset. You, however, are needed now.

Okay. Okay. Give me half an hour. I hung up.

A thick overcast hung over the sky, one of the downsides to living so damn close to the beach. My blanket slid off as I rolled out of the sanctuary of my bed.

Good god! It's cold! I rushed to the bathroom and stood in front of the heater.

The thought of going outside, made me shiver. The shower chased away all the cold, and woke me the rest of the way. I dressed in my training sweats and headed downstairs.

Morning, Sophie. I smiled hopefully at Andrew's not quite-human human; I guess you'd call her an employee.

Work called? She said as she poured me a travel mug of coffee.

How'd you guess? I sat at the kitchen counter.

Kat, you don't get up before noon. Period. It's a simple fact. If you're up at six-thirty in the morning- it's work related. She popped a pre-made waffle into the toaster.

Well, perhaps I wanted some of your amazing waffles and yummy coffee. Sophie set the travel mug in front of me.

As flattering as that is, I know you'd just ask for it for lunch. She laughed.

Yeah, you're right. I pouted.

Does the Master need to be woken?

Nah. He gets to sleep in, the bastard. I sipped the coffee. So good.

It will be better if he's completely rested and fed if this is so serious you couldn't talk your way into coming in later. She put the waffle down.

You realize I'd starve if it wasn't for you, right? I said around a mouth of melt in your mouth delicious waffle.

You'd do fine. Besides you're lucky I made a batch and froze them just for a moment like this. She laughed again.

I loved her laugh. It possessed all the character and charm of an old woman, but the tenure of the young woman she appeared to be. The fact that she was an old woman, but remained youthful because of a botched turning was something I sometimes forgot.

Sophie cleared her throat, trying to get my attention.

Like I was saying, do you know if you'll be home for dinner? The Master enjoys cooking, but I still like to have things ready.

Sorry, I've no clue. Harkins didn't sound like I was gonna be going anywhere. I snorted.

That bad? She looked grim.

Worse probably. I knew we were both thinking about the serial killer that had blown through town- the last case we solved, but almost killed me.

Do I need to worry? Her baby blue eyes went wide.

Not at the moment. I finished my food.

She took the plate; I'd learned not to argue with her about cleaning up.

Be safe, Kat. You aren't invincible. She said knowingly.

Believe me, I know. I touched the scar on my stomach. The only proof that I almost died at the hands of a power crazed madman only a month ago.

They should've given you more time off. Sophie complained.

They did. But they need my team on this. You know- we are the best. I scuffed my nails on my sweatshirt.

Right. She snorted.

Gee, thanks. I laughed.

Be safe and remember to eat, Kat. She said after a pause.

I will. Can you call Gus for me? My own precious Jeep was still getting repaired from the fire damage it got.

Yeah, no problem. She dialed and talked to him, Give him five minutes.

I laughed.

When were you supposed to be there?


Kat, you know...

I know, I know. I cut her off.

Being on time wouldn't kill you. She finished.

First of all, you never know... it might. Second, I'm on time when it matters. They're already dead- an extra twenty minutes won't hurt them... I trailed off.

Unless someone else dies.

Thanks, Sophie. I grumbled.

My cell buzzed annoyingly in my pocket.

Agent Purrowells.

Where are you, Purrowells? Harkins barked at me.

En route, sir.

Get here as quick as possible. We've had another call. He hung up.

I sneered at Sophie.

She shook her head and went to tend to the day's chores.

I got up and walked outside, Gus was just pulling up. I jogged over to the car.

Morning, Kat. He said once I was in- his chocolate brown eyes meeting mine in the rearview.

Hey, Gus. Can you take me to work and kinda hurry? I knew the latest kill wasn't fresh, but it still put a bad taste in my mouth.

You've got it. He didn't ask questions, he just drove.

Thanks. I zoned out- trying hard not to think about what waited for me at work.


Usually our base is quiet; I mean it's supposed to be a secret one and all. When I got there, all hell was breaking loose. Gus pulled over; I watched the tension coming off of him.

Do you want me to keep driving? He asked in all honesty.

Nah. A pack leader was murdered; I think that's what all this chaos is about. I said as I unclicked my belt.

Okay, but I could go with you, Kat. Concern colored his words.

And what if Sophie needs to go somewhere? I laughed.

I'd think she'd understand if I had to stay with you during this mess. He gestured out of the window.

I suppose it does look bad, huh?


I promise if I need anything I'll call you, okay? I opened the door.

Keep that promise, Kat. Gus reached back and stopped me before I climbed out.

I will.

Stepping out of the quiet of the car and into the chaos that was the Warehouse base made me want to go home and back to bed.

Agent Purrowells! Finally! Harkins rushed toward me.

Um, sir, wouldn't the world be a little likely to send in the military if we moved some of this back into the base? I threw my arms out.

Damn the neighbors. We've had five wolf deaths called in already this morning. I suspect there will be more. He told me.

Five? I gulped.

Yes. Five. Let's head down to my office. I hope you had a light breakfast, Purrowells. Harkins went ahead of me.

My stomach rolled in response to his statement.

The elevator ride down was considerably less crazy than outside the building. Harkins stood as close to the door as possible- I decided he must have a fear of either enclosed spaces or elevators. I tucked myself into the back corner. When the door dinged open, I tried not to laugh when he bolted from the steel box.

Don't like elevators, sir? I asked in all innocence.

Can't stand them. I was in an accident involving one when I was a boy. He shook his head.

The large wooden doors to his office stood open- something completely unusual. Agent John Black walked back and forth across the space talking on his phone. The phone on Harkins desk buzzed and all the lights blazed.

Agent Purrowells, thank god you're here. Black said covering his phone.

I knew things were still touch and go between us since I had turned him down for Andrew. I just nodded.

Agent Black, take it out in the hall. I need to get Purrowells up to speed. Harkins told Black.

Yes, sir. He ducked out of the office and closed the door.

Why isn't he in our office? It was odd for the Director's office to be used.

Your office is in use as well. We had to call in extra teams. Every office we have is in use. He cleared his throat.

That bad? I sat down and sipped my coffee I had forgotten I was holding.

His eyes told me it was much worse.

As of five this morning, the pack leader, Andrea Wüfsbane and five other wolves from her pack were brutally murdered. Wüfsbane was beheaded in her residence. It looks like it might be hunters. But our team just got to her location. Tests are happening now. I've sent teams to each location- but morning traffic is slowing down our response. He sat with a thud.

If it's hunters, it isn't our problem, sir. That falls into 'pack issues.' They're handled in house. I remembered Andrea telling me not to meddle in pack problems.

Usually we don't get involved. However, this entire setup seems just that- a setup. The way Wüfsbane's assistant found her, the leaving of the murder weapon behind- all of it seems planted. Hunters are not sloppy. This was. Or made to look so. He steepled his fingers in front of himself.

Are the teams are looking for anything odd?

Everything. We're having the entire location scanned. I suspect they'll come up with something that doesn't fit in with the hunter cover. If there is any indication of supe involvement, then we're on the clock.

I don't understand. Why have we been called in if we aren't already on the clock? And why all the reinforcements? Something was being left out.

The wolves know hunters. They recognize their work. Hunters never go after the pack and their leader. Usually it's the weakest members. These killings have all been the most powerful pack members. He told me.

How do we know this isn't some inside plot to gain power? It seemed obvious.

The pack has been put into lockdown... if it was an inside job- we'll find out. His phone rang.

I got up and left the office. Black was waiting for me in the hall.

What do you think about all this? I asked him.

Don't know, Kat. His large frame shifted with his shrug.

Yeah, but you've got a feeling... I trailed off.

I know it wasn't hunters. I also don't think it was inner pack. Doubt these will be the last murders as well. His face looked grim.

Why? I didn't get how killing off more of the pack would solve anything for anyone.

It feels like an extermination, Kat.

How so?

Kill off those that can protect first and what do you have left? Sheep for the slaughter.

Dude, I'd never refer to a werewolf as 'sheep for the slaughter.' What if it is just hunters? People get sloppy after all.

It's not. His voice was certain.

But how do you know, John?

"My family, Kat. The thing I didn't want to follow in- it's hunting. I know hunters and their work. This is not hunter work." His face shutdown.

Damn, dude. And P.N.I. still recruited you? I mean, shit, you might be buying your time. I elbowed him as I winked.

Not funny, Kat. It was close to a growl.

Fine, fine. Well, what do we do now? I sighed.


Dude, I could still be in bed. This does not seem like an emergency to me. I huffed.

"Kat, at least six werewolves are dead; murdered at close range. Do you even understand what that means?" He looked like I was an idiot.

Six people are dead? I suggested.

Yes, but someone was able to behead six power packing werewolves and not die themselves. His words hit home.

I gulped.

This is not going to be a nice, safe, easy case.


Harkins stepped out of his office. We've had two more confirmed killings. The team at Wüfsbane's place confirmed supernatural activity at the location. We are officially on the clock.

Dammit. I said under my breath.

Well, Kat, time to head over there. Black told me.

I know, John. I sighed. Hey, what if it was supernatural hunters?

Agent Purrowells, if we discover that supernaturals have begun hunting the wolves, then we will be more involved with the wolf community. Things will look bleak. Harkins eyed John.

Hey, this wasn't my family, sir. I called as soon as you phoned me this morning. There have been no hits sent out on the wolves recently. The SFV has been quiet in relation to the hunters, sir. John told our boss.

Thank you for checking. That is a comforting thought. But it just confirms this is more than this case appears to be. You two get out there and see what you can scare up. Harkins ordered us.

Yes, sir. I saluted him.

Purrowells, drop the attitude. People are dying. He chided me.

Yes, sir. I turned and tried not to let my temper get the best of me.

John caught up to me at the elevator.

What's with the attitude, Kat? He put his hand on my arm to stop me from getting into the lift.

Dude, take your arm off unless you want to lose it. I snapped.

Down, girl. Shit, what is wrong with you? He took a step back.

Look, you've never dealt with the wolves. I was part of a pack when I dated my ex. I dealt with Andrea. The SFV pack is extremely suspicious of outsiders. As soon as we get to the site, we will be under constant supervision. Anything having to do with a dead wolf will need an overseer. And they will burn the bodies, soon. If we need anything we must get it now. You say it isn't hunters... then there are some sick fucks in the Valley again. You want to sit around and kiss ass to Harkins, that's fine. I can handle this until Andrew awakens. I sneered.

We are a team, Kat. His words were hurt.

No. We were teamed together. You say you have my back, well for once, trust me when I say I understand this a lot better than you do. I walked onto the elevator.

Kat, I'm not against you. We'll do this together. It's clear you've got history with the wolves. Was it the SFV wolves that you have an ex in? He tried to ask gently.

No. I dated a wolf when we were in Georgia. I always suspected one of my exs from high school might have been a wolf. Nothing to say for certain. I swallowed the lump that suddenly formed in my throat.

Kat, we can request a different team on this. He suggested.

We are the best. This is our job. Stop trying to be delicate with me. I'm not a broken kitten. The last case didn't break me, John. I hated to be treated like a baby.

I'll meet you at Wüfsbane's, Kat. He said as he stepped off the elevator.

Dammit. I had forgotten I didn't have a ride.

Gus? I said into my phone and explained what I needed to do.

He told me he would come and get me and not to worry about anything. I briefly considered using my vampire speed, but I understood that would only cause more problems. All we needed were vampire sightings in the paper. I was certain I would get in a lot of trouble with work if I was the cause of such a story in the news. I grinned as I thought about it. It was suddenly very tempting. I stepped outside.

Gus honked the horn, and I walked over to the car.

Hey, that was faster than five minutes. I laughed.

I was in the neighborhood. He smiled.

Hmm, are you tailing me, Gus? I asked knowing Andrew had probably told him to.

Tail you? Pah! I was just in the neighborhood. He winked at me.

Well, thanks. I climbed in.

Where are we headed? He questioned as he pulled away from the building.

Mulholland Drive. Andrea Wüfsbane's place.

What business you got with the wolves, Kat? His chocolate eyes met mine with concern.

She's dead. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have a lot of business with them in the near future. I sighed.

The pack leader is dead? The car swerved.

Whoa! What does it matter? My stomach knotted.

The Master needs to be brought aware of this. Gus headed toward the house instead of Mulholland Drive.

Gus, why can't it wait until tonight? I was concerned.

The Master has a pact with the wolves of the Valley. If he isn't seen trying to help this, the battle will happen again. He told me in a rushed tone.

Um, battle? I was confused.

Before Andrea was pack leader, even before her parents were the leaders; the wolves fought with the vampires. Selena did nothing. She actually enjoyed all the bloodshed. But the Master found it to be distasteful. He made a deal with the wolves to stop the fighting. He signed a blood pact with the leader at the time. If he does not honor his end, then the fighting with start again and the Master will be hunted. He filled me in.

Well, shit. It would be nice if someone had told me this. I grumbled.

Kat, there is a lot about the Master that you don't know. Time will help with that, but I doubt you'll ever know everything. His words were full of wisdom.

I get that.

We made it back to the house in less time than it took to get me to work. I realized I had to wake Andrew as it was not something that either Sophie or Gus should have to do. It was considered dangerous for anyone to do. I knew that if he attacked me, I could stop him long enough for him to realize it was me. I wasn’t sure Sophie or Gus could say the same thing.

I walked down into the dark, cool basement. My witch hut glowed in the corner. I still couldn't believe I had been able to transport it and us away from my burning house. A sense of pride washed over me. I am an awesome witch.

A large bed sat in the furthest corner. Thick red curtains hung around it; reminding me of something out of a plantation home.