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War Against Occultism, Witchcraft and False Religion

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This book is a work on what I call the evil trinity - occultism, witchcraft and false religion. These are the agencies through which Satan carries out his wicked plans against the advancement of the kingdom of God and humanity.

These three branches of the kingdom of darkness work in harmony to achieve the above objectives. Satan is the initiator and at the head each of them. And you will always find the rest when any is in operation. This is why I call them a trinity. For example, in occultism, you also find witchcraft and false religion. The false prophets and witches usually belong to the secret societies and cults. They merely branch out according to their immediate objectives and operations. They are different branches of the same tree.

But how do we check this age-long spiritual menace that has caused so much havoc to man and strained his relationship with his maker? This is what we tried to proffer here. Every Christian must rise up, put on the whole armor of the kingdom of heaven and fight these satanic onslaughts. And we must do this now; urgently and decisively.

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