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Let All Your Senses Speak As You Heal

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When you open your senses to the world around and within you, you will feel more fully alive. And your senses will truly help you to heal your body and all of your relationships. As you allow your senses to provide you with all the information and insight you require, your body will begin to heal. If your heart has been hurting you will begin to love and accept yourself and forgive yourself and others. You will become more easily centered, peaceful and happy in every moment. Life will return to being that adventure it was when you were a child, ready to grow and have sensual experiences.

In this book you have the unique opportunity to go on a sensational holiday, to explore and open and expand your sensual aliveness. Your response to your environment will never be quite the same again. Be prepared to feel more exuberant, happy, energized and alive than you have ever felt before.

Every moment of every day we touch and are touched by all of our senses. View something our mind tells us is beautiful. Watch innocent children or carefree animals romp and play. Our mood may instantly change from gloomy, agitated or angry to peaceful and calm. Taste delicious food or sip a cool drink of water. Our mood may lift and we find we can somehow cope more easily with our problems. Sniff familiar and favorite scents, suddenly recalling people we have loved or earlier happy times. Our spirit may calm down in the moment. Hearing loving words can soothe away our physical aches and pains. Listening ears of one who cares may alleviate our longing for love, relive our sorrow, assuage our guilt and encourage us to persist in our struggles toward attaining our dreams.

Physical touch is intimate. When we touch another person we discover who they are. When we are touched we cannot hide. Perceptive hands know all there is to know through touch. And we cannot fully know another person intimately without actually physically touching each other.

Something else happens when we are touched. Since our body doesn't lie, our inner truth is revealed - not only to another person but to our own self. Through gentle, caring, soothing touch, memories are retrieved, scattered thinking becomes more focused, moods shift and the body relaxes into a state of calm.

Use this book as a reminder of the joyful existence we can have, every day, when we consciously use and expand the use of our five senses. And as we let our senses explore the world around and within us, our sixth, intuitive sense gets activated. We know what path to take, what activities to attend to, which people to connect with and how we can best serve and bring out the best in our self and others.

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