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Arcadia And The Antikythera Mechanism: The secret cave of El Pilar

49 pages41 minutes


Arcadia Jones, has returned back to work, trying to put the extraordinary events that she witnessed in Greece to bed, and resume her life. However, an unexpected call from her father finds her traipsing off to the tropical nation he was born in, Belize. There he believes he has found one of the most important archaeological discoveries of his life, and he could never begin to anticipate how right he is.
For the ancient ruins he has found are another piece in the puzzle Arcadia must assemble to find the mysterious figure known only as “Black Wolf,” and make him atone for the lives he has destroyed. She must team up with her father, and navigate a jungle filled with human traffickers and drug smugglers, to get to the bottom of his discovery. If they’re lucky, they might learn something, and if they’re really lucky, they’ll all get out alive.

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