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Facing The Dawn

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Madison Cooper, Emergency Room doctor at Midtown General in Denver, and Detective
Wes Thomas can’t stand each other. He thinks she’s too loud and too bossy and she
thinks he’s not only rude, but cares only about himself. At her sister’s wedding she’s the
Maid of Honor and he’s the Best Man, but when he looses patience with her sharp tongue
and “accidentally” bumps her into the pool at the reception, she’s outraged and vows

When he’s involved in an on-the-job wreck, he tells the two cute female paramedics
that he was momentarily unconscious just so he can ride with them to the hospital and
hopefully get their phone numbers. Only he never expected Madison to be the doctor on
duty when he arrived. Now he’s on her turf and paybacks aren’t fun.

They fight their way into each other’s arms while Wes tries to solve the mysterious
deaths that are occurring at the hospital. Going after the bad guys puts a target on his
back and when he finds himself in the crosshairs, Madison is left Facing The Dawn
alone, wondering if Wes will live through the night. She must face losing the only man
to ever stand up to her...the only man she has ever truly loved.

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