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The No-BS Guide To The Law of Attraction

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Zippo! Zilch! Nada! Nothing! You thought that it would come with "Think And Grow Rich". You thought hard, and put it out in the Universe, and you didn't grow rich. You downloaded "The Science of Getting Rich" and somehow in your case, it turned out to be psuedo-science. You watched "The Secret" and somehow the secret was kept from you. You got to thinking "Who repealed the Law of Attraction?". How come it worked for all of those people on Oprah, and it didn't work for me?

You wanted to cash in on the abundance of the Universe, and the Universe wasn't responding. It wasn't too much to much to ask for -- just Money, Love and Dreams. All that you seemed to attract was to be another day older and deeper in debt. What gives? Why didn't the Law of Attraction work?

The answer is because you were missing the last secret of the Law of Attraction. It is the most vital part to getting the abundance that you need and want in your daily life. It is all here. This is the book that gives you the path, the formula, the plan of action and the necessary tools for gaining and manifesting an abundant life. "The No-BS Guide to The Law of Attraction" is the last book that you will ever need about "The Law of Attraction". And as an added bonus, the last chapter is using the Law of Attraction to find true love.

The author is a noted authority in his chosen field and has written this book to help those who have become disillusioned with The Law of Attraction.

May your journey unfold, to a big pot of gold, at the end of your rainbow.


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