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Lopsided Laughs: 100 poems & illustrations

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Do you have a sense of fun and love of engaging visual imagery, paired with clever writing? Lopsided Laughs, 100 poems & illustrations, offers observations about creativity, love, society, doctors, cats, men and women, and much more. This is for people who like puns and people who relish a poke at society's mix-up of beliefs, myths, and assumptions. Author Rick Duncan is a musician, songwriter, poet, arranger, and parody writer. He has written over 300 original songs, 300 poems, and 1,100 parodies, mostly in a humorous or sarcastic vein. Many of the poems featured here are an offshoot of his songs, including experiments with rhyme, meter, and wordplay. He loves rhymes and doesn’t usually like “free verse” (you get what you pay for). So he tries to give form and grace to the usual “atypical” subjects he writes about. Anything inspires him: bar napkins, license plates, headlines, and the odd things people say. Illustrator Tina Glasner is a writer, editor, and graphic designer. She’s authored numerous published articles and also worked as an editor and book producer on many works of nonfiction and fiction. Along the way she created a cartoon panel that never sold about the writing life called “Double Space,” earning her starving artist credentials.

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