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Lanie Romero had a smooth, wrinkle-free life - an exciting career in the advertising biz, swanky pad overlooking the dazzling Las Vegas Strip, slick sports car, beautiful daughter, great friends, and a sizzling-hot, younger boyfriend. Life was a gamble, but Lanie Romero was rolling snake eyes – that is, until heroin showed up and caused some serious wrinkles.

When Lanie discovers her boyfriend’s hidden heroin addiction, she naively believes she can smooth things over and save him – however, rather than rescuing him, the power of his sinister addiction shatters her world. With one unfortunate roll of the dice, Lanie Romero lost everything.

This is the fabric of one woman’s life, her arduous climb out of heroin’s black hole, and how she discovers a renewed faith in humanity from the most unlikely of sources - a couple of wrinkly “old timers” who show her the healing power of friendship and forgiveness.

Will these new life-lessons help Lanie as she suddenly finds herself entangled in a diabolical plot? Her newfound strength and restored spirit are put to the ultimate test as she confronts a force even darker and more sinister than heroin. Will she survive, or is this the final roll of the dice for Lanie Romero?

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