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Elves Have Secrets Too (Short & Sweet 3, Book 2)

34 pages24 minutes


"What You Never Knew."

Another tale of men doing as they do from author of over 200 erotic works Dick Powers.

Caught and turned! The reindeer police arrest the sexy elf Harry Christmas for drug possession and swiftly send him to hell. Thankfully the devil has just the job for him and so all is well except for one thing. With no one 'big enough' to play with, Harry turns to other means to satisfy his needs. That is until an old flame literally drops in to change everything. Can a demon-elf and a human really find satisfaction within one another?

Men from the sky but no rain.

You can find all four stories in this series in the Short & Sweet Collection 3.

Contains the erotic threesome Promoting Hot Men (Third Wheel Series, Book 2) as a bonus.

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