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Just Here for the Boos

290 pages4 hours


Jaded event planner Kaycee Caraway’s life is about to take a hair-raising turn when murder hits home in this delightfully haunting novel by Katy Lewis.

Meet Kaycee Caraway – part Martha Stewart, part Inspector Clouseau. When she finds the body of her ex-husband Joey on his kitchen floor, it’s up to Kaycee to find his killer if she ever wants to get his spirit out of her life. It’s bad enough his ghost is naked, but Joey doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave.

The skeletons that creep out of Joey’s closet make solving the case thorny. She sure doesn’t need the distraction of her irrepressible mother, who wants her to find a good man, her giddy father, who’s infatuated with a cat-lady, or her self-absorbed sisters, who find fidelity too restricting.

When her one source of authoritative help turns out to be a brooding detective who hates women, she discovers her troubles are just beginning.

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