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The RE-Write (Promotional Copy)

177 pages2 hours


Rockstar Conner Haro, lead singer of the world famous band, "Unlucky Bunny" takes his own life in a desperate attempt to escape the overwhelming expectations of an unrelenting world. What was supposed to be the end becomes a new beginning as he awakens in a self-indulgent parallel city, where suicide victims are given the freedom to redefine themselves. But after witnessing years of the shallow happiness brought about by the hedonistic lifestyle of the city’s inhabitants, Connor’s disillusionment leaves him feeling restless and trapped. Only when he sees the possibility of the same future for someone he loved in his past life does he realize the depth of his regret over his suicide. As penance for his selfish decisions, he thrusts himself into the underbelly of the city in pursuit of a way back to the real world, but will he survive long enough to right his past transgressions?

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