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The Secretive Prince

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After pulling in a gated drive because of the storm, she convinced the home owner to allow her through the gate and up to the house.
“Good evening,” she stood and looked up at him. He towered over her in height as he stood tall and straight letting her know this was his domain. She could see the fire in his eyes and immediately knew he did not want her here. “I am sorry for intruding on your family. I will stay in my Jeep if you would prefer.”
“Who are you?”
“My name is Chloe Spaulding. It is nice to meet you.”
“Michael Douglass, I am glad you are comfortable.”
“What do you do, Miss Spaulding.”
“I am a photographer and I live in New York City.”
“Is that why you are here, to take pictures and pry a story from me?
“No, of course not.
“Let’s not try to fool each other. I allowed you in because of the storm. You will not be leave until I do to protect my privacy.
“I cannot stay Mr. Douglass.”
“Too late now. I am not letting you leave and tell everyone where I am.”
“Mr. Douglass, I also protect my privacy. Who are you that you are so important?”
“You work for a magazine in New York and don’t know who I am? He stood and looked down at her. “It is getting late. Why don’t you go to bed? I will see you in the morning Miss Spaulding. I have some work to finish.”
“So much for choosing the right house to stop at,” she thought to herself
She “Thank you, Charles, for taking care of me this evening, I appreciate it
“I am sure it will be fine Chloe.”
“I am tired, so I will excuse myself if you don’t mind
“No, it will not be a problem.”
She walked up the stairs, going to her room. She closed the door trying to think why his name was so familiar to her.
Michael finished his work in the studio and took care of his paints. He went looking for Charles. “What do you think Charles?”
“I know she wasn’t carrying a weapon on her, and she seems innocent enough. I even wonder if she knows who you are.”
“I think she knows who I am. She has a badge to enter one of the major magazines in the city. Either she works for them, or she is a freelance reporter.
She was sound asleep cuddled in the center of his large bed.
The sheet covered her to her waist, and her arm was above her head. Her dark hair spread over the pillow and fanned out. She was beautiful lying there quietly sleeping. She must have been exhausted not to stir when he walked in. This time he was not going to leave this intrusion unpunished as he had in the past. It was time to let these reporters know there would be repercussions when they decided to intrude into his private time.
At least, he had all her equipment, including her purse. He would keep her cell phone, so she could not call anyone, and she did not have any extra clothes in the jeep. He would make sure he kept everything away from her until he was ready to let her go.

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