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Sir Murdoch of the Large Table

43 pages38 minutes


‘Surely soon Arfur will call me, so as we may, side by side, partake of wild boar, drink wine from silver goblets and caress and taunt busty maidens at, or upon, the table to our heart’s content.’

Sir Murdoch waits in vain for King Arfur to call him to join the Knights of the Large Table. Arfur has bigger problems. He has sent his best knights on a search for the The Holy Pail. Alas, they return empty handed.
At the suggestion of Sir Wayne and Sir Dark Knight, Sir Murdoch is given the quest of finding The Holy Pail. Sir Murdoch is sure he can find the relic, earn his place at the Large Table and take the hand of the beautiful and virtuous Gyferwyff.
But Sir Dark Knight and his associate, Murray the Magician, have their own plans for The Pail, the King and the Kingdom.

Can Sir Murdoch find The Holy Pail? And can he win the inevitable duel against Sir Dark Knight, save King Arfur and win the hand of Gyferwyff?

‘. . . Gee, it’s gonna be a busy night . . .’

This satirical story is written in the tradition of B-Grade stories, complete with all the stereotypes, creativity and effects – flaws and all.
The characters are purely fictitious. Any similarities with any person, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.
The story is not meant to offend. If you may be offended, please don’t download it.

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