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On To The Summit

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This book is about the life of Leonard Clifford John Moules born, 1912 in Acton Green, London. He was the youngest of 3 children and saw himself as 'an afterthought'. As Len grew into his teens he became one of a group of young people at the Acton Railway Mission, with the girls round him 'like bees round a honey pot'. Among those girls was Iris Smith, who later became his wife. A contemporary of Len's later said, 'One of the most influential things in Len's life was his godly father and mother. It was their faith which held him when as a young man he might have been tempted to slip away after the things of the world.' But it was touch and go.
Once the decision had been made to invite Jesus Christ into his life, Len turned away from the seamy side of things and sought to be a Christian example in every walk of his life.
It was during those early years after becoming a Christian that Len developed a great interest in the far off land of Tibet. Mildred Cable and Doggett Learner, both with the China Inland Mission, caught his attention; he read everything they wrote about Tibet and their work, and went to hear them speak when they were in London. We are taken on this journey with Len as we read the book.

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