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Cinnamon City: Tales of Cinnamon City, #2

574 pages7 hours


Rachel has been severely injured. After a short coma, she wakes up under mysterious circumstances and recovers much faster than anyone expected.

She works hard to recover her fitness but  when she returns to Central Command, she discovers that Admiral Gail Thompson has been exiled and replaced by General Alexander Markov.

Markov has a great task ahead of him. He needs to know which commanders he can trust.

Meanwhile the guilds demand to see the Council Of Lords. When their prayers are answered, they discover just how little they know about their absent masters.

Only Lord Hades knows the truth, but listening to him may be too great a price to bear.

Time is running out for all of them.

What has happened to the Council of Lords?

Will Rachel ever face the truth about what she has become?

Find out now in Cinnamon City, book two in the Science Fiction Series, Tales of Cinnamon City.

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