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Sink In Your Claws

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Winter 2013 - Dazed by a weird drug, a homeless man witnesses a murder in Seward City's rotten industrial core. Monsters kill, feast on blood and disappear in the night. The man tries to help, is mistaken for the murderer and handed to Detective Einar Hannesson. True to his Icelandic soul, Einar believes in supernatural beings and doesn’t hide his views. He's dedicated but experience has hardened him. In the station, Einar realizes the man is his former partner Detective Michael Lewis, believed killed two years earlier during the only case Einar never solved. Stunned but determined to help, Einar refuses to return him to the street. Michael, terrified by lack of memory and brutal scars, wants to die. To unravel the mystery, Einar must return to a case that haunted both of them.

Fall 2011 - Something rips apart two girls in a bloody feast, marking the start of a horrific killing spree. Detectives Einar Hannesson and Michael Lewis catch the case, one that leads them into territory filled with myths, monsters and scientific experimentation, intertwined with connections to the Willard Museum and Michael's fiancée, Anthropology Curator Kait Jenret. As the killer claims more victims and moves deeper into the Adirondack wilderness, they race to solve the crimes. In the process, Michael saves a young boys life, but pays a high price. Einar's beliefs are challenged in fundamental ways.

Claws are sunk into souls. Lives are changed forever in the process.

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