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The Watchmaker (A Novelette)

62 pages45 minutes


--Ask how you can win an hour in time—

Marae O’Conaire has much bigger problems than the fact her watch stopped at 3:57 p.m. When she brings her watch to a kindly repairman, she learns she has won a peculiar prize, a chance to re-live a single hour of her life. But Fate has strict rules about how one can go poking in the past, including the warning that she can’t do anything that would create a time-paradox. Can Marae make peace with the mistake she regrets most in this world?

'The Watchmaker' is a sweet, contemporary time-travel romance about second chances set in the historic mill city of Lowell, Massachusetts, complete with a walkable map of the downtown area canals. It is a complete, standalone novelette (53 pages) that is not connected to any series.

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