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How to Learn Forex Pipology 101: Beginner Investor and Trader series

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How to Learn Forex Pipology 101 is for brand new traders interested in Forex trading who have zero experience; it explains things in general terms so the new beginner can understand the basics. I have kept industry jargon to a minimum so everyone new, no matter where you’re from can understand the information right away.

All the beginner information in How to Learn Forex Pipology 101 would take someone who is a new beginner years to figure out before they could actually go into the live markets with real money and except to make any money. The best information you need is being given to you all in one place at one time in this basic beginner’s book and is an extremely easy book to read and digest. I have kept industry jargon to a minimum and provided a glossary of abbreviations at the end to help you get up to speed with market speak.

If you are brand new, don’t make this the tenth book you read make it the first. The information in this book is priceless and worth its weight in gold to someone who is brand new to Forex trading and is just starting to look for information on what to study to become consistently profitable on a daily basis.

How to Learn Forex Pipology 101 is aimed at taking someone who is interested in the Forex trading world, teaching them the important principles they need to know, showing them the technologies they will need, and giving them encouragement guidance, and cautions that will launch them on their way. The beautiful thing about trading Forex is that anyone can learn it and you can make money doing it perhaps a lot of it!

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