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Sinclair Lewis’s Nobel Prize–winning satire of the American middle class

Zenith is like many American cities in the wake of the First World War: midsize, industrial, booming with opportunities for enterprising capitalists. But Zenith is unique as a middling metropolis; within its wandering streets walks one George Babbitt, world-class realtor, American dreamer, social climber, and civic booster.
But unexpectedly, dark clouds appear on Babbitt’s horizon: his best friend, a convicted murderer? His eldest daughter, a wretched socialist? Coddled by the trappings of his professional and personal success, how can Babbitt become stricken with loneliness, dissatisfaction, and frustration?
First published in 1922, Lewis Sinclair’s contentious bestselling satire of middle-class America is more relevant than ever.
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Release dateNov 25, 2014
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Sinclair Lewis

Sinclair Lewis (1885–1951) was the first American writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. In 1926 Lewis’s novel Arrowsmith garnered the Pulitzer Prize, which the author refused. His work has been lauded for its critical insight into capitalism and materialist culture in America. 

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